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/// by dardasonet /// by dardasonet
all my dreams are dead inside///
hank1 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Dear Hadas,

This is really a beautifully stylized painting.

(If you'll forgive me, I step outside your artwork for a moment. I see you're in Israel. For all I know you might be on the left side of Israeli politics, but I must say I wish you all the best over there. I, and all my friends, see Hamas for what it is: an evil entity that must be crushed. My friend, and fellow artist, Bosch Fawstin, was brought up in a Muslim family. He's a "recovered Muslim" who writes and publishes comic books called "The Infidel". I hope you would find his work of interest.)

In your "All My Dreams Are Dead" there are really three levels of depth: the girl, the flowers and the background (some of which does show through the flowers). Incidentally, my first response was something not in the work, or is it?: I saw musical staffs and notes on the left side, as if emphasizing the poignant sadness via the girl's memories of some not forgotten music. I like the way you outline the anatomical parts of the figure: the face, arm, hand and ear. The red color of the dress is nicely suggested in terms of its folds. Same with the hair, which is more suggested than too detailed. The flower design is very fine. And the splotches on the background emphasize the sorrow of the theme. It's a pretty powerful work here. All done in four basic colors, counting the grays in the background. I wonder what is your medium. Looks like ink, and either watercolor or gouache.

Well, keep it up. Work hard.

dardasonet Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dear Bob,

First of all I want to thank you for your lovely comment.

I live in the center of Israel, in that matter I am more fortunate than the citizens of the southern areas of the country, as they have suffered a lot more that I have in the last decade, not to mention this last summer. I do have "leftie" tendencies, since I can't avoid thinking about the innocent people of Gaza and the hell they are going through. I do distinguish between the innocent and Hamas, which is a foul terror organization. I wish the rest of the world could really recognize that these people, the terrorists of Hamas, are devoting their lives to the killing of other people. I could go on and on about what is truly going on here but this place is all about art, and you already seem to know what's going on. Thank you and your friends for supporting our fight against terror. Also, I have checked out your friend's blog, it indeed caught my interest, so thank you for that.

You know, a lot of what you noticed, including the musical notes, are elements that I didn't even give too much thought to, they just found their way to the paper. Sometimes I find myself discovering new aspects to my art when other people mention things they noticed about it.
You guessed right, I used ink and watercolor (which I think you're not a big fan of, am I right?). The whole piece did come out very sorrowful, huh?

Thanks again for taking the time to write this comment and show your interest and support. I appreciate it greatly.

Take care,

hank1 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Dear Hadas,

Elements in one's artworks, such as what I see as "musical notes" in your work, though not consciously intended by you - are at least possible subconscious elements. This is because so much of art comes from one's feelings, so to speak. It must be that way even after the artist has a conscious theme and a subject by which to express it. Your picture looks to me as done rather spontaneously, which would allow for even more of your subconscious elements to integrate with the conscious theme. At least this is my opinion of how art is created.

I'm a great fan of watercolor. Many of my better works are done in that medium. Only I prefer the tedious method of dry-brush watercolor. An example of one of my personal favorites in that medium:…

(Here's my friend, the recovered Muslim, again speaking about Islam and his experience with it - if you want to hear him rather than read.…

Take care,

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